The Blauzac Big Band - the BBB!

For the first year of the festival in 2012, musicians from the village music school agreed to participate in a New Orleans style parade. The enthusiastic band, lead by Bernard Anthérieu (well known musician from The Hot Antic Jazz Band & now the Léo Swing) decided to continue the project. Under the name of the Blauzac Big Band the group has grown in size & experience. It now plays a large part at the midday entertainment on the Saturday & Sunday of the festival. The band is surrounded by more experienced musicians, who have the pleasure of encouraging these enthusisatic amateurs. The band also plays at various events in the village & region.



For the traditional ‘apéros jazz’ of the festival weekend, here too we are obliged to make changes as we just cannot imagine how we can do it safely enough. The BBB will not play in the rue hôtel de Ville: the density of spectators is too high!  The Blauzac Big Band so wants to play for you that we will organise a concert apéro on the Place de l’Eglise for the Sunday 4th July at 12h. (No Charge) We will reorganise the square for Sunday lunchtime, but the number of places available will be limited by the space and chairs & marquees we can install. The good news the festival bar will be open. Once more masks when you move around, and everyone seated. Children as usual will be welcome, but if you think their capacity to stay seated for an hour will be challenged, then perhaps sadly this is not the year for them….
We hope next year for our 10th anniversary things can return to normal.