Security - Covid

After receiving the green light from the Prefecture and after 15 very complicated months we are at last ready to take up the reins of a life that resembles a little our life before Covid.  We need to respect the current rules and guarantee your security. We are obliged to put certain measures in place and make several modifications for the good of you our public, that of our volunteers and our musicians.

Firstly, the number of tickets available:  it will be a little reduced this year as we must assure a chair for every spectator to be correctly seated. This is the reason we have added a fourth evening to allow a maximum number of people to profit from the festival. 

To enter the festival, we will ask you to wear a mask and to respect social distancing in the queue. Once seated you can naturally remove your mask if you wish, but please wear it again to move around the site to visit the toilets or the bar for example. Hand sanitizer will be available. You will not need a health pass! 


The bar will be open as usual with crisps, sandwiches and drinks. We plan to make 4 queues for the bar. Please respect distancing where possible and to send just one person from your group to purchase drinks. Trays will be available. We will make sure there is more space around the bar:  please use the space or return to your places in the interval.