Master Class 

Les Soirées de Blauzac propose during the "JAZZ A BLAUZAC" festival a "traditionnel jazz" master class for saxophonists & clarinetists wanting to advance in the practise of their instrument, in this style of music.

The teacher will be MICHEL BESCONT, one of the best French tenor sax players, whose inspiration is Coleman Hawkins & Lester Young. Based in Paris, he notably played with the prestigous formation "SHARKEY and CO", and at the moment plays in "Les ROIS DU FOX TROT" (manys videos on YouTube) and the "HOT ANTIC JAZZ BAND".

The objective of this master class is an approach to improvisation, identifying the constraints and liberties which make this a joyous exercise

Date(s) :Saturday 2nd July, from 10 h to 11h30, and eventually a 2nd session on Sunday 3rd July, depending upon numbers.

Where: Village hall, Blauzac (foyer du "pré Valence")

Cost : 20 euros

Number of places: limited to 8 per session.

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