23rd Mai at 20h in the Blauzac Village Hall - Concert avec La Brigade

La Brigade revisits with talent, dynamism and humour the great jazz and blues standards of New Orleans of the 30's with yeye hits from the 60's in the skin of four wacky gendarmes ...



For sure things were better before.....

In the 50's, there was De Funès and his Cruchot, Dario Moréno and above all "Les oignons" of père Bechet .... Ah, we knew how to java in those days!!

The young didn't yet lift the cobblestones from the avenues to throw at our caps; they listened to jazzzzz in dark clubs!
We knew how to write songs with text: "La tactique du gendarme", "Les gendarmes rient à la gendarmerie"...
We knew how to make films in St Tropezzzzzzzz...
We could ride our motorbikes without a helmet, drive at 100 miles an hour on "perfumed country roads" ( Henri Salvador ).... Yes, we had much less work at the "Brigade" in those days ... And that is why we worked on other things than the whistle and violon ! 

The deputy chief is on the banjo, the assistant on soprano sax, Merlot on the trombone and Fougasse on the tuba. ....
We no longer give out tickets. At each offence we play music from the good old times...... That's more fun, no??

Saxophone soprano : Christian BEDOY

Trombone : Alexis BORRELY

Soubassophone : Christophe MOURA

Banjo : Thibaud ROUSSEL


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