Sunday - Gala Evening 

To entertain you at the entrance to the festival and at the bar

Caillette Jazz Band


New Orleans

Caillette Jazz Band unites four musicians from different backgrounds, lovers of Jazz from the 20’s & 30’s to offer you the grand classics of New Orleans. Ça va jazzer !!!!!!

Angélique LEONETTI -vocals, megaphone 

Claude NADALET - Bugle

Laurent TUQUET - soubassophone 

Pascal MORISSEAU - banjo

1st part - Jean-Pierre Bertrand




Malheureusement nous devons vous annoncer que Luca Sestak est interdit de sortie du territoire allemand pour raisons de de cas contact Covid.
Il est remplacé par l'extraordinaire pianiste Jean-Pierre Bertrand: boogie nous voilà !


2nd part Brenda Boykin

Jazz & Blues



Brenda Boykin is an immense American jazz and blues artist. In the course of her career, she has appeared at numerous international festivals and won the prestigous Montreux Under the Sky at the 39th Festival de Jazz de Montreux. In 2015 she appeared as soloist with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra Of Saint-Petersburg, and in 2018 with the group Moulin à Café she appeared at Jazz à Blauzac - what memories! 


For this festival which the team hopes will be as memorable she is accoimpanied by the Franco/Swiss group Saveurs du Sud. This group is composed of musicians which met at many different jazz festivals - certain appeared on the stage in Blauzac with Denise Gordon in 2019. Le Saveurs du Sud Jazz Band proposes an original repertoire inspired by  20/30's jazz. In this formula, each instrument is particularly show cased. With their warm New- Orleans Jazz (for this concert given to the talent of Brenda Boykin) the quintet Saveurs du Sud crates a festive atmosphere at every concert. What an ending for the festival 2021! 


Brenda Boykin – vocals
Robert Merian - clarinet, saxophones

Eric Cousin - banjo
Martin Hess - double bass
Daniel Dupret - drums/washboard

Dee Breitenstein - piano