Sunday at Midday 

At midday in front of the bars of the village

Le Blauzac Big Band supported by the Wild Cat Feetwarmers

Sunday Evening

To entertain you at the entrance to the festival and bar

Wild Cat Feet Warmers


New Orleans


The Feetwarmers will warm the feet of the festival goers. Habitually they warm the feet of Germans or Swiss, but they will attempt to aclimatise themselves to the festive warmth of Blauzac and raise temperatures even more! 

Jean-Christophe Minati - trumpet

Rémi Messin -  saxophone soprano

Laurent Martin - double bass

Sébastien Barra - banjo

1st part - Madame Léon


Jazz from the 30's to today


The quintet Madame Léon takes us from the Jazz of the 30's to today, from the United States to France, passing by Latin America.
A repertoire finely rearranged by these famous musicians from the stage in Toulouse, with a singer that will surprise you by her mesmerising, soft and powerful voice.

Clémence Lagier - vocals
Thomas Alfonso - trumpet
Vincent Alloui - piano
Guillaume Gendre - double bass
Guillaume Prevost :-drums

2nd part Nikki & Jules

Blues & Swing



NIKKI, alias Nicolle Rochelle, is an American singer and dancer who played the role of Josephine Baker iin Jerome Savary’s musical theater production «Looking for Josephine : New Orleans Forever», in Paris and countries all over Europe. Also an accomplished actress, she has appeared in many different theatrical productions, television shows, and film such as ‘The Cosby Show’ and ‘Fame’ on Broadway.


JULES, alias Julien Brunetaud, is a pianist, singer, and composer who has received multiple awards: the France Blues Trophy, the Hot Club of France, and the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. He has recorded and produced numerous discs from New Orleans to Paris, played music in many continents around the world, and accompanied a number of renowned artists such as BB King and Chuck Berry.


NIKKI & JULES take us into a universe with a mixed heritage strongly anchored in the Blues and influenced by Jazz, delivering an energetic repertoire inspired from many styles. Mixing their own original compositions with remixed covers, rhythmic dance melds into harmonies and the experience feels like a voyage within time.


Nicolle Rochelle - vocals

Julien Brunetaud - piano, organ, guitair, vocals

Cedric Bec - drums

Jean Baptiste Gaudray - guitar

Bruno Rousselet - double bass