Saturday Evening                            

1st part - Jelly Bump

Black jazz from the 20's & 30's



The black jazz of the 20's and 30's is irresistible.
even a century later here are musicians that feel at home with this music. Soloists known for their instictive swing, but under the hand of Emmanuel Hussenot (creator of Orphéon Célesta), arrangements, personal additions, humour and poetry create the surprise.

And so we go from Ellington, Bechet, Morton, to Kurt Weill, to Georges Gounod carried on a fresh original wind, with a creative flair that makes us rejoice.


Emmanuel Hussenot - alto sax, recorder, vocals and  musical direction

Philippe Audibert - clarinet, tenor andsoprano sax
Félix Hunot- banjo, vocal
Patrick Perrin - sousaphone
Romain Ponard - percussion, washboard, keyboard, vocals

2nd part - Wax & Boogie


Boogie from the 30's, Swing from the 40's, & Rhythm & Blues of the 50's



Boogie from the 30's, Swing from the 40's, & Rhythm & Blues from the 50's make up the repertoire of this quintet from Barcelona. For more than 8 years they have captured the true spirit of traditional Afro-American music in an exceptional way and transformed it with their own means of expression. 


A charismatic and powerful singer, an irreproachable Boogie piano, a double bass that grooves and a sax that sets the world alight: what more can you ask from this awesome formation which ignites the public at each oappearence?


A great atmosphere is promised  


Ster Wax - vocals

David Giorcelli - piano

Drew Davies - tenor sax/vocals

Reginald Vilardell - drums

Oriol Fontanals - double bass