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1st part - Swunky Long Legs

 Swing & Funk, Gypsy Jazz & Mainstream, Risk & Tradition



Oscillating between Swing and Funk, Gypsy Jazz and Mainstream, between risk and tradition, SWUNKY LONG LEGS is a group from the Hérault with communicative energy!

Instruments played by masters, a singer with hoarse voice and plenty of rhythm in the legs: what more can one ask to open th festival! Emily Przeniczka (vocals), Symon Savignoni (guitar), Arthur Anelli (guitar) and Michel Crosio (piano) have met each other many times on the Jazz stages of the South of France, but it is in July 2016 that they really came together musically. It was a strong start and they immediately went to Lille for a week-long tour! In addition to their recognized talents, it is their complicity that gives them an edge: on stage, it releases a communicative, crazy energy!

They "play", and the audience loves it! They have so much fun that, to the great pleasure of the spectators, they have even been known to engage in friendly fights with guitar / vocal improvisations!


Emily Przeniczka – vocals

Symon Savignoni - guitar

Arthur Anelli - guitar

Michel Crosio - piano


2nd part -  Oyster Brothers

New Orleans


The decision to form this orchestra was taken during a trip to New Orleans, just after playing in several jazz clubs and whilst eating an enormous plate of oysters from the Gulf of Mexico! Hence the name “Oyster Brothers”.
The musicians play a jazz totally anchored in the New Orleans spirit, but open to the many diverse evolutions of this music. Alternance of rhythmes and ambiance - Swing, Shuffle, Ballad and Blues, New Orleans Street Beat, flirting with Caribbean accents… influenced by the ancient masters from the beginings of jazz and revival, mixed with modern.
The music is dance music, and absolutely dynamic. The two solistes are passsionate 
(Christian Vaudecranne et Pascal Roumy) and the three ryhmists (Jean-Luc Guiraud, Jérôme Arlet, Yves Buffetrille) do more than support them, they propel them! The purposely “roots” esthetics, privilege  improvisation, reinforced  by the singing and scating of Jérôme and Christian. They recently registered a first CD “C’est Fou Comme Le Swing Soigne"  - It's Mad How Swing Heals. What a programme !
Pascal Roumy - Trombone
Christian Vaudecranne - Saxophone soprano, Vocals
Yves Buffetrille - Doubel bass
Jérôme Arlet - Banjo, vocals
Jean-Luc Guiraud - Drum, vocals