Friday Evening 

1st part - Awek

 The Blues - pure



With 10 albums and 24 years' experience behind them, Awek has acquired a strength and maturity worthy of their peers on the other side of the Atlantic. Their musical style is an explosive cocktail, mingling classicism and originality.


In addition to performing across Europe at festivals such as Jazz à Vienne, Jazz in Marciac, Cognac Blues Passion, Nancy Jazz Pulsation, Awek has also performed in many venues in North America, including the infamous Antone’s in Austin, Texas and the Montreal Jazz Festival. Awek was honored as a finalist at the 2008 International Blues Challenge and in 2011 Stephane Bertolino won the prize for best harmonica player.


In 2009, Awek was elected band of the year by Cognac Blues Festival, and opened for BB KING.

In 2017 the Band released a 10th album recorded in 3 differents studio including Wire recording (Austin TX), mixing classics and originals by the end of 2016.

Mark Hummel, Little Charlie Baty, Kid Andersen, Fred Kaplan, Derek O’ Brien, Kaz Kazanoff, Bob Welsh, Nick Connely have recorded and played with AWEK.


Stéphane Bertolino - vocals, guitar
Joël Ferron - bass 
Olivier Trebel - drums
Bernard Sellam - guitar


2nd part -  Oyster Brothers

New Orleans


The decision to form this orchestra was taken during a trip to New Orleans, just after playing in several jazz clubs and whilst eating an enormous plate of oysters from the Gulf of Mexico! Hence the name “Oyster Brothers”.
The musicians play a jazz totally anchored in the New Orleans spirit, but open to the many diverse evolutions of this music. Alternance of rhythmes and ambiance - Swing, Shuffle, Ballad and Blues, New Orleans Street Beat, flirting with Caribbean accents… influenced by the ancient masters from the beginings of jazz and revival, mixed with modern.
The music is dance music, and absolutely dynamic. The two soloistes are passsionate
(Christian Vaudecranne et Pascal Roumy) and the three ryhmists (Jean-Luc Guiraud, Jérôme Arlet, Yves Buffetrille) do more than support them, they propel them! The purposely “roots” esthetics, privilege  improvisation, reinforced  by the singing and scating of Jérôme and Christian. They recently registered a first CD “C’est Fou Comme Le Swing Soigne"  - It's Mad How Swing Heals. What a programme !


 Pascale Roumy - trombone 
Christian Vaudecranne - saxophone soprano, Vvcals
Yves Buffetrille - double bass
Jérôme Arlet - banjo, vocals
Jean-Luc Guiraud - drum, vocals