Friday Evening 

1st part - Banan'Jug

 Jug Band



Banan’N Jug a group of four musicians and singers : banjo, ukulele,  washboard, double bass,  kazoo, tap, and also glockenspiel, percussion....

Like the jug bands of the begining of the 20th century, Banan’N Jug revisit without complex blues, jazz, calypsos of the Bahamas,  Jamaïcain mentos, fado in French, Chinese blues...

Their captivating vocal harmonies combine virtuosity, solos (vocal, kazoo, and tap ) with songs from all horizons: stories in various languages, recounted in music and punctuated by arrangements full of surprises.


Animated with an abundance of energy, Banan’N Jug interpret « Jug Spirit » with humour and generousity; refusing to compromise between artistic exigence and liberty of tone. This group from Montpelier feels at home anywhere they are listened to!


Already seen on the Blauzac stage in 2015 at the begining of their musical adventure, the group has since matured and grown. We are delighted to welcome them back for our 10th festival.


Laure Colson - banjo, vocals 

Marine Fourest - doublebass, vocals  

Caroline Sentis - vocals, kazoo 

Audrey Isnard  - washboard, tap, vocals



2nd part -  Sweet Megg

Amerciana & early jazz, swing & blues



Megg is a vocalist from New York City based in Nashville, TN. She studied jazz in Paris and developed her musicality performing in jazz clubs around New York City. She is heavily influenced vocally and emotionally by Billie Holiday. Her songs are defined by her years as a jazz singer, but also by her love of classic country, early rock 'n' roll, and the folk singers of her hometown NYC.

She will come to Blauzac with 4 exceptional musicians; a treat to look forward to!


Meg Farrel - vocals
Mattia Vendramin - contre bass
Luca Montagnier - guitar
Christopher Gelb - drums
Bjorn Ingelstam - trumpet


3rd part -  Luca Sestak

Piano, Drums & ENERGY !


Only 27 years old, Luca has developed a distinctive and mature songwriting style that combines the clear, modern pop sound of a Charlie Puth with the jazzy virtuoso piano sounds of Jamie Cullum or Billy Joel. 


Luca has long been established on YouTube. He already attracted millions of clicks as a child thanks to virtuoso piano pieces in boogie-woogie style. He won various prizes for talented young musicians, performed at international festivals and appeared as the supporting act for Jazz legend Stanley Clarke and the big band of German Superstar Udo Jürgens. After leaving school, Luca initially decided to study at the famous university “Popakademie” in Mannheim, Germany, in order to formally study piano and to develop his own musical identity. There he was proposed as a session musician for a recording project at Sony Music, for which the jazz department needed a young pianist. In addition to a series of instrumental demos, Luca included a song of his own in his application for the job. His distinctive voice and highly melodic composition immediately captured the attention of the record company, which subsequently signed him to produce his debut album “Right or Wrong”.


Luca is accompagnied by the young and talented Johannes Niklas on drums.


Luca Sestak was an enormous success in Blauzac in 2017 and was due to play again at the festival last year. It was an enormous deception to us all that he had to withdraw at the last moment due to contact with Covid. We are thrilled that he accepted another invitation to play here on our opening night.


Luca Sestak - Piano

 Johannes Niklas - Drums