Exhibition by painters Sylvie Pauly et Marielle Rob

At the festival this year two painters will share the space reserved for art ehibitions:


Native of Lorraine in the East of France, Sylvie Pauly has always expressed her artistic talents in many domaines  (silk painting, mosaics, stained glass...)

When she arrived in the south and discovered the ochres of the Lubéron she had a 'lightbulb moment' that took her in a new direction - painting on canvas.

Her self taught talent took her in a direction where the role of drawing was reduced : she paints a lot by intuition, according to her mood. Nothing specific: light and melancholy in seascapes, explosions and release in landscapes and abstracts..

The use of colour and harmony remain central in her compositions. With oil or acrylics, brush or knife, this artist creates a unique relationship with her work which allows her to plunge into her feelings and bring out her emotions.

Installed for 10 years near the Duché Duzès, Sylvie lives every day as a coloriste who aims to feel more than to understand. She wishes to share her view of the world more widely.


Marielle Rob has painted for a number of years and lives in Blauzac. 

For this exhibition, she has chosen to work on a series of abstract collages. " I find, I stick, I work all little bits of nothing; torn, worn, recycled, broken... I take pleasure in reassembling them, to create a link between them, to tell a new story, a new balance. "