Exhibition by painters Ken Martin & Walter Slock

At the festival this year two painters  will share the space reserved for art ehibitions: an english man  Ken Martin who has a second home in Blauzac, who has already been in 'residence’ at the festival; and Walter Slock a Belgian and Blauzac resident. These two artists both draw their inspiration from their experience in the world of architecture. 



Ken Martin, retired Professeur of Architecture, has a modest village house in Blauzac that was nearly in ruins and he has resored. It was the object of an article in the Midi Libre (when Liverpool his home town was the European Capital of Culture) that described his art gallery and its space for music in the centr of the city. He was also responsable for the design of two theatres and the « National Museum Conservation Centre » in Liverpool, a museum that obtained a nomination for European Museum of the Year in 1997. The exhibition in Blauzac will be filled with his enthusiasm for culture, the arts specially for France.  


Walter Slock, had an intense and absorbing career in architecture consacrated to the conservation of listed buildings and historic monuments, without forgetting his leadership of an archaeological dig in Irak for the achaeological faculty of Gand for 3 years. Walter now consecrates his time to painting and has had serveral exhibitions in the region.  Other than training in the workshop of a renowned  professor in the world of comic strip and animation he is self taught. His paintings reveal his passion for comic strip, this graphic art is the base of his work.