Exhibition by the sculptor Catherine Duvey

In 1995 Catherine Duvey took a pottery course in her lesiure time, close to where she lived in the Seine et Marne and discovered the medium of clay. Several years later, having practised the thousands of different ways to produce pots and plates of all types, she was asked to teach classes where she had started out; a post that she happily occupied until 2003.


When Catherine moved to Blauzac, her activity was put on pause until she was settled.  Very quickly, in this region of potters , she was inspired by new creative methods and finally she turned to sculpture.  Her enrolement at the Université Populaire of Uzès helped her acquire new modeling techniques and a multi-disciplined approach to teaching that has helped her find her own style.


Today she prefers a firing technique known as raku for her work, elegant or sober personages, or sober objects with pure lines, so that the crackles produced by this Japanese technique reveal the delicate fragility.


Catherine Duvey produces her art at the heart of a workshop, surrounded by friends, where she shares her never ending passion for clay. 


Exhibition by the sculptor Catherine Duvey from when the festival doors open (20h15).