Saturday Evening 

1st part - Trilili Ladies & Dandies


Swing, Harmonies & Nostalgia

Composed of a vocal and feminine trio, a pianist and a double bass player, the quintet  "Trilili Ladies & Dandies" is inspired by the big musicals names from the 30's to 60's : the Andrews Sisters, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Rose Murphy, the Boswell Sisters and many others. Balancing between wild swing and delicate harmonies,  nostalgic for the era of our fantasies, these five artists offer you a musical pause at the heart of Amercian jazz.

Marion Landreau : Vocals

Leah Gracie : Vocals

Monika Paillard : Vocals

Eli Frot : Piano

Sylvain Gaillard : Double bass

2nd part - Brenda Borkyn & the Moulin à Café Jazz Hot Orchestra


Jazz & Blues

Brenda Boykin is one of the great American  jazz and blues artists. She was first noticed in the choir of her Baptist church in North Oakland, where she was a soloist. As well as singing, she studied the clarinet and during her higher studies turned to jazz and blues: the call of a vocation !


During her career, she has sung at numerous international festivals such as the DuMaurier Jazz Festival in Vancouver, the Monterey Bay Blues Festival, the Monterey Jazz Festival, the San Francisco Blues Festival and the Umbria Jazz Festival. She won the much valued  Montreux Under the Sky competition at the 39th  Jazz Festival  of Montreux, her quartet was voted as the best overall group .


In 2015, enlarging her horizons, she appeared as  soloist with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra of  Saint-Petersburg. She often worked with the guitarist Eric Swinderman before moving in 2004 from San Francisco to Wuppertal, in Germany. Since she has been involved in the club Nu Jazz Project of Beluga and continues to appear throughout Europe.


For this evening she is accompanied by her partners the Moulin à Café Jazz Hot Orchestra, a group of  experienced Franco/German musicians that share their passion for New Orleans jazz from the 1920/1930's.

Robert Merian : Clarinet, Saxophones

Jürgen Ebler : Trumpet

Jack Mader : Banjo

Daniel Breitenstein : Piano

Jean-Marcel Tropez : Sousaphone 

Daniel Dupret : Drums, Washboard