Friday Evening

1st part - Sarah Lenka Quintet

Folk-blues with acoustic jazz


With her rocky, troubling voice and its feline sensitivity, Sarah Lenka recreates in raw form the depth of the great Bessie Smith songs. Words that remain relevant and remain eternel, that address the human condition, love, desire, words that continue to talk to us. Heading an original and acoustic  quintet with trumpet, double bass and two guitars, Sarah brings to this repertoire a new way of describing the colours of Americana with a folk/pop style that has not forgotten the roots of blues and the original jazz.

Sarah Lenka : Vocals
Fabien Mornet : Banjo, Dobro guitair
Malo Mazurié : Trumpet
Manuel Marchès : Double bass
Taofik Farah : Guitar


2nd part - David Costa Coelho & the Smokey Joe Combo 

Swing, scat, rythm'n'blues


David Costa Coelho roams across the stahes of the world spreading his version of  Vintage Swing, accompanied by the Smoky Joe Combo. A fiery look, velvet voice, highly flexible eyebrows and cheeky allusions make David oscillate between crooner and lanky showman, straight out of Tex Avery! Supported by ardent musicans that mix talent, humour and dynamism, they have more than 900 concerts on their clock. The energy of this charismatic scatteur is deployed around a repertoire of  rythm'n'blues from the 40/50's - from Cab Calloway, to Louis Prima, Louis Jordan and even Ray Charles -  and his own compositions in the style of the era.

David Costa Coelho : Vocals, Scat, Acoustic guitar 
Rémi Saboul : Electric guitar,
Acoustic guitar, Lapsteel guitar
Jules le Risbé : Piano

Julien Didier : Double bass

Michael Pernet : Saxophone

Gilles Berthenet : Trumpet

Valentin Jan :  Drums