Saturday Evening 

1st part - Bayou Side


Blues & Beyond!

Bayou Side is directed by the singer and guitarist Hubert Dorigatti from Bruneck, Italian laureat of the « International Blues Challenge» in Memphis. He creates the majority of the trio's compositions, working on the style and the arrangements with double bassist Klaus Telfser and the drummer P.P. Hofmann. Bayou Side interpret the music in a pure and minimalist manner, with grand passion and particular attention to detail, using essentially acoustic instruments. The trio has played in renouned clubs, concert halls and festivals in Italy, in Austria and in Croatia. The festival is thrilled to welcome them.

Hubert Dorigatti - guitar & vocals

Peter Paul Hofmann - drums

Klaus Telsfer - double bass

2nd part - No One But Five


The 20's

New Orleans 

No One But Five, a jazz quintet that is inspired by the style of the celebrated clarinetist of New Orleans: Jimmie Noone. This orchestra's particuarity is to reproduce the sound of New Orleans with an alto saxophone, a clarinet, and without drums. The emblematic  NOONE Quintet  whose style of Chicago at the end of the 20's, became (along with Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet) one of the most famous jazz formations of the era. Refined and dynamic music, very original and modern, of its time, both intimate and virtuose. This evening will give us the occasion to welcome again the extraordinary Jean François Bonnel who was on stage last year with Swiss Yerba.

Marie Gottrand - piano,vocals
Elise Sut - tuba
Gabriel Manzaneque - banjo
Jean François Bonnel - alto sax, clarinette

Renaud Perrais - alto sax, clarinette

3rd part - Luca Sestak


Piano, Drums & Energy!

Luca, a real prodigy, trained as a classical pianist from a young age, but very quickly turned to jazz. At 15 years old he had already prouced a CD, appeared on several television programmes, and had started to tour. Today at only 22 years old, his programme of extraordinairy virtuosity, contains principally his own compositions and interpretations in which he expresses his inimitable style, that includes various music types: from blues to boogie, from jazz to funk, from pop/rock to grand classics. He is accompanied by the young drummer Johannes Niklas. Luca: an energy and a talent which will astonish.

Luca Sestak - piano, vocales

Johannes Niklas - drums