9th edition of the festival is unfortunately cancelled

Dear Members and friends of the Soirées de Blauzac association,
It is with enormous sadness that we have to inform you that the 9th edition of the festival Jazz à Blauzac 2020 is definitively cancelled.

You can imagine the enormous volume of work and preperation that this second version of our project required :  updates to the web site, new posters, flyers and tickets, renegociation and rewriting of contracts for the chosen groups , many newsletters, creation of a manual and on-line ticket office, discussions with our sponsors, etc. etc.

These tasks, carried out in a difficult context because of Covid 19 and its daily evolution were accomplished with the assistance of the CCPU who had made available the brand new space the Ombrière for the 6th & 7th of Novembrer. Despite the work we performed this task with much enthusiasm: we would finally be togther in the company of good music !
Except that….

The negative evolution of the pandemic concerns us all, and is one of the principal reasons that the CCPU has decided to delay the opening of the Ombrière until around the end of the year. The sanitary risk that would be taken in continuing with the concerts, despite everything, would be dispraportionate with the object of having them - the sharing of music and pleasure without constraint. This decision taken with the sole aim of protecting you has imposed itself.

One bad news is nearly always followed by another! We  have also had to cancel the free concert planned for the 6th September in Blauzac. We recieved the latest list of constraints imposed by the Préfecture for the organisation of an open air event and it is just impossible for an association of our size and means to respect these rules (and have them respected). Our thoughts go to the the whole of the Blauzac Big Band who have rehearsed with much dedication and enthusiasm in order to be ready for the occasion. 
A lost year that we will try to forget as soon as possible!

We will come back to you, members and friends, to manage the problem of the 2020 membership, and we will still try to see if we cannot find a way to propose some jazz to you in November - but no promises! 

We want to thank the groups that have accepeted with much understanding and dignity this now double cancellation: their lives are far from easy at this moment. Our thanks also goes to those, too numerous to mention, that have sent us messages of support in these complicated times.
A bientôt, no doubt.
Robert Frati
For the committee of the Soirées de Blauzac.