We are happy to announce the 9th edition of Jazz à Blauzac on Friday 6th & Saturday 7th November at the new theatre the Ombrière, rte de Nimes, Uzès. An exceptional event for a very particular year!


t was a great sadness for us to be obliged to cancel the 9th edition of the Jazz à Blauzac July festival . We never lost hope, nor stopped working to try to bring you a good dose of jazz this year.  Mission accomplished: we are happy to announce the 9th edition of the festival for Friday the 6th & Saturday the 7th of November at the brand new  (and already prestigious) theatre the Ombrière, route de Nimes, Uzès. A unique festival for a very remarkable year!!  

It goes without saying that we will organise this festival with a strict respect for the public security laws in force at the time of this festival. This new theatre has a lot of flexibility in the way the space is configured, allowing us to respect any rules pertaining to the spacing of the spectators, that will be in effect in November. If by bad luck we are again obliged to cancel the festival the price of your tickets will be naturally be refunded. 

We are already in agreement with 4 groups (ones that were already planned for July), and so we are able to propose music worthy of our traditional festival ! The programme will be on-line at www.soireesdeblauzac.com before the end of the month and you will be informed by newsletter.  This festival like our previous ones will be excellent value for money! Tickets will be on sale from the 20th September for our members on our web site (as well as by post), and for the general public from the 1st October on the web site, by post, at the Bar du Progrès, Blauzac  and the Tourist Office in Uzès.  

Note too that on Sunday the 6th September the Blauzac Big Band supported by the much loved group the Canibal Dandies will be in concert at  1h30 in front of the 2 bars of the village. A date not to be missed!

We hope in this way to bring you joy and great music despite the problems of this most particular year !

More information coming soon.

The Blauzac Big Band in concert with the superb Canibal Dandies

Sunday 6th September the Blauzac Big Band, supported by the super group the Canibal Dandies will be in concert at 11h30 in front of the Bar du Progrès & the Café Central . Apèro jazz free of charge. An appointment not to miss.