9th edition of the festival from Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th July 2021

Ticket office opens 7th June for our members, June 14th for the general public


Tickets for General Public - Normal Tariff - from the 14th June

(seated, unnumbered place)

Ticket office open to 24th June by post and until 30th June by internet

Adult: 16€

Under 12 yrs: 7€

Festival pass (3 evenings for the same person for evenings 1st to 3rd only - gala evening, Sunday excluded from this offer): 40€


Tickets for Association Members - Member Tariff from the 7th June

(seated, unnumbered places)

Ticket office opens until the 24th june by post, and until the 30th June by internet



The musicians need also to sleep! 


’The excitement around the organisation of this years festival is at it's height! We will have 4 evenings instead of the usual 3 and as you can imagine we will most certainly be asked to have smaller audiences.

The lack of choice this year for transport, the reduced frequency of planes and trains and the extra night means we have a  larger number of musicians to host this year. We are now planning their lodgings. You will know that in the past the musicians are hosted by the inhabitants of the village. If you are in Blauzac can you help us ?

Normally the musicians' hosts have also been kind enough to serve their guests with breakfast; if because of the particular context this year you would rather not, we are happy to serve a central breakfast elsewhere for the musicians.

Our optimism for the possibilty to organise this festival in good conditions, while respecting the rules, does not stop us being attentive to the evolution of the health situation and any eventual consequences on the orgnaisation of the festival. We are staying alert and will keep you informed !


If you can help us please contact us, giving your capacity to welcome any musicians. Nikki and Christiane will come back to you and answer any of your questions. Your help is essential : without you the festival is not possible.


Replies to christine@soireesdeblauzac.com