Great Jazz night Wednesday 4th of December in the Blauzac Village Hall at 20h, doors open 19h40


Ist part: A presentation 'The History of Jazz' in film and music 2nd part: a concert


Daniel Huck and Friends

Daniel Huck        Sax & vocals

After unsuccesful attemts to maser the trombone, Daniel  opted for the saxophone alto in 1967,  from 1968 playing with the« Famous Melody Boys » then from 1969 to 1973 with « Jean-Pierre Morel’s group Sharkey and Co. ». Since, he has been present on the European stages where his «Scatteur» improvisations, mastery of the saxophone and his enthusiastic communication atracts impressive  crowds. It is as a friend that he returns to Blauzac.

Louis Huck  Guitar & vocals

Son of Daniel : good blood never lies! With his brother charles he has often been on tour in the region and produced an excellent album reflecting the extent of their repertoire and the breadth of the influences on their art. Tonight Louis acompanies his phenomenal father with guitar and vocals

Martial Reverdy    Clarinet

At 4 years old Martial fell in love with the clarinet listening to 'Peter and the Wolf' by Prokofiev. Martial After classical studies of the clarinet at the conservatoire his passion for improvistaion led him to teach himself jazz and then with the 'greats' whilst following an IMFP cursus as well as a course in arrangement with Yvan Julien.

At present he is a clarinetist in the Bellevue Swing, Caio Mamberti Group, Jessie Poppins, Jazz & Prohibition, les Dixie Froggies, So Swing, ...

Yves Buffetrille    Double bass

After starting out as a double bassist in various Bluegrass groups in Nîmes and Montpellier, Yves quickly joined the Caroline Jazz Band in 1986. Virtuoso of slap, it seems he was born for this instrument. His frequent  His frequent tours in New Orleans have not succeded in making him forget the region of his origins.

A History of Jazz

A presentation about the History of Jazz by Michel Bastide (Hot Antic Jazz Band) in film and music for the first part of the evening. 

C'est à la Nouvelle Orléans que s'est produit ce mélange entre la culture du peuple africain issu de l'esclavage et de la culture européenne. Le jazz est la musique des noirs américains.

Parti de la Nouvelle Orléans, le jazz allait rapidement envahir le monde.

Illustrated by photos, numerous films of the great musicians (Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie…) this presentation shows the begining of this formidable music which was the major cutural event of the 20th century.



Concert à la salle polyvalente, rue des Marronniers, 30700 Blauzac . Portes ouvertes à 19h40